POV Collaborative, Inc.


Organization, Leadership, People, & Culture Development

Practice Scope

We help leaders deliver Excellence at work. Successful organizational leaders sustain a work environment in which people offer their best performance.  POV Collaborative consulting practice focuses on strengthening a leader’s continuous capability to manage these priorities:

  • Create crisp strategy
  • Communicate & Monitor clear goals
  • Understand & Respond to performance indicators
  • Achieve meaningful performance, people, and personal (3 Ps) results
  • Maintain a work environment in which people thrive as they offer their best performance

At the completion of coaching engagements with POV, leaders are well-equipped to manage these priorities effectively. As a result, these leaders are described as exhibiting strong “Executive Presence.


Leader Development


Design &

Leader Development

Organizations should develop a clear hierarchy that defines roles, responsibilities, and the complementary leadership structure. It is this plan that creates a clear division of functions and the complementary aspects of roles & responsibilities
We help organizations define the scope of acceptable behavior,  the lines of authority, and the relationships between functions.

Effective leaders develop their capabilities through a variety of experiences. Rather than help leaders "Do" leadership, we provide experiences that help discover "Being" an effective leader.  We engage the leader's intentional mind to make conscious decisions about becoming effective in their "world." Our approach becomes an effective stimulant for the leader to examine their own behaviors, learn and change.
It is important for leaders to establish strategies that deliver agreed results while preparing for the future success. They must understand the current context in which the organization operates while guiding the achievement of current and longer-term goals.
We help leaders develop the capability to communicate a vision as they help employees learn how to convert the goals into actions.
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Executive Presence????

Micro Bias
& Decisionmaking

We help clients discover the value of Inclusion in all business activities. 

By Inclusion, we encourage our clients to consider:
  • Presence
  • Physical Difference
  • Thinking style
  • Personality
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Generation
  • Disability
  • Learning Style
  • Background

Although "Executive Presence" is used broadly to describe the potential for entering or staying in leadership positions, there is little clarity or consistency in its meaning. For us, EP is about impression management. (1) It's about behaviors that encourage others to view leaders as motivated, engaged, and self-confident. (2) It's how a leader's communications are interpreted by others.  (3) EP is about how comfortable a leader relates to others.

EP is demonstrated most effectively when a leader communicates in a candid yet clear and open manner. Its when a leader is considered thoughtful and sincere, peppered with a dose of warmth. Executive Presence is about how well your demeanor encourages the reception of your message.
Decision making is a cognitive activity, constructed from either rational or irrational thinking. Irrational thinking allows bias to become introduced into our decisions.

Our micro-biases can distort our objective conclusions and cause decisions to become tainted.  A leader must test their assumptions to make sure they are not seeking evidence only that confirms their previous beliefs. Bias might also enter when a leader relies on information that is nor fully vetted, as it might contain incomplete information. This tendency can result in a series of poor decisions. 

Micro-Biases might creep in with one's overall impression of a person, group, or another's affiliation. 
Our consultants help leaders recognize the value and potential draw backs of biases when making decisions.

Team & Large Group



We guide the structure and processes that enable cooperative decision-making.  We do not recommend decisions but rather, help the group arrive at meaningful solutions.
 We apply our well-honed business experiences and active listening skills to help the group learn from each other. We encourage groups to self-observe their own interactions, objectively.  Members listen and learn about each others' perspectives. They are able to problem-solve more effectively.
Our assessment tools and processes provide valid and reliable information relative to leaders, teams, and organizational performance capabilities.  We are certified in the leading tools major global organizations use. These tools help us uncover hidden capabilities, strengths, and areas in which improvements would be helpful.

Many of our clients tell us our approach to conducting and debriefing 360 feedback information provides the best insights they have experienced in their careers. Our intention is to help leaders understand their influence on others. With this understanding, we are able to address any challenges that support or hinder excellent performance.
In addition to our experience as internal corporate executives who developed training programs and leadership academies,  we develop training content, Leadership Academies, and internal coaching capacity for organizations of all sizes.

We believe the construction of sound leadership and coaching programs will serve organizations well if they are built to support a transformative culture.  We partner with organizations of all sizes in all industries.